Bragha Company Limited

No. 10 Dadeban Loop, North Industrial Area
Accra - Ghana.

We're a well established
plastic manufacturing company

We specialise in plastic products
Water Rolls
There are wide variety of plastic roll options that are available to you to order, such as pure water sachet bags, shrink films, etc
Carrier Bags
We make plastic carrier bags in different sizes with branded printing on it in any color and thickness of your choice.
Trash Bags
The trash bags we make are thick by quality, not easy to tie. This is done by ensuring that we always use the best raw materials
Zip-lock Bags
A zip-lock bag that is reusable,re-sealable and can sustain coolest temperature for medical and other purposes

Our Capabilities

Our product range include manufacturing of water rolls, zip lock bags, waste / trash bags and carrier bags.