Bragha Company Limited

No. 10 Dadeban Loop, North Industrial Area
Accra - Ghana.

We are Leaders In Global Business
Consultancy, TurnKey Construction
Solutions & Plastics Manufacturing

Our success means that we are able to attract the very best consultant engineers who combine excellence with real experience, making us the best choice for complex and challenging projects.

We are always open to provide our best ultra-modern services for your business

If your project requires a highly experienced specialists, then there is no better place to find them than at Bragha Company Limited. We have a long and successful track record of delivering results in the sectors we work. Since dealing with the most successful clients, we have realized the global requirement & its need for superior quality.

About Us

BRAGHA (GH) CO. LTD is a private limited liability incorporated under the companies code of 1960 (act 179) with company registration no. CA- 4856. The company commenced business on 13th February 2003.

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