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Gold ghana deal by Nana Kwaku Asiedu Donkor – Asona Gold Mining Accra



Investing in commodities poses risks related conditions as well as risks related worldwide price fluctuations. There is no guarantee that ASONA GOLD MINES LTD will meet its objectives. Past performance by ASONA GOLD MINES LTD or its key personnel or their respective investments will not necessarily be indicative of future performance. Results are unaudited and subject to year end audit. Certain terms contained in this summary may be altered or otherwise changed at the Sole discretion of ASONA GOLD MINES LTD.

This summary is intended to be distributed to and viewed by our clients and investors and must be defined by securities act under the Laws of Ghana.

ASONA GOLD MINES LTD (AGL) specializes in Mining and acquiring gold and other precious metals such as Silver and Platinum.


The principles of ASONA GOLD MINES LTD have been working in Ghana for over 20years and are able to work cost effectively and safely due to the unique relationship that it has developed with its patrons. Our relationship with our clients has grown in recent years because of four main reasons:

  1. In the past four years governments have observed that ASONA GOLD MINES LTD has not taken advantage of its nationals like many other local companies and their foreign corporations.
  2. ASONA GOLD MINES LTD has made every effort to follow all exportation requirements and has made sure that all transactions are honest and transparent, thus creating mutual confidence, trust and respect.
  3. ASONA GOLD MINES LTD concessions and future land acquisitions are very rich ingold and have long life expectancies to provide precious metals for mining and resale in world markets.
  4. ASONA GOLD MINES LTD has spent over USD$ 600,000 on corporate responsibilities by providing a four unit Junior High School building, renovation of nurses quarters, street lights, renovation of community clinic and rehabilitation of road.

ASONA GOLD MINES LTD uses the Precious Minerals Marketing Company Ltd (PMMC) to process all customs papers to ensure that custom clearance is seamless.

ASONA GOLD MINES LTD co-operates with all Governmental agencies and internationally.

ASONA GOLD MINES LTD has established immediate contacts with commodity brokers, governments, numerous mining corporations and its own mining concessions in Ghana and we are in a position to

export more than 500 kilograms of greater than 92 % pure Gold with the capacity to provide 2000 kilograms per month.


There are many ways that an investment can be made in ASONA GOLD MINES.  The investment period vary from three months to five years. With the security, insurance and precautionary steps ASONA GOLD MINES take, this is considered a low risk investment. Our capital parties may have special needs or circumstance. For this reason ASONA GOLD MINES will negotiate on an individual investor basis based upon duration and the amount of the investment.

ASONA GOLD MINES is looking for additional financial partners with liquidity to provide direct funding expenditures and GOLD acquisitions.


The opportunity for a share in the residential profits after the capital investments are returned will survive even if the financial partners guarantee or funds are no longer required. INVESTORS WITH LIQUIDITY CAN NOW BUY 51% SHARE OF THIS COMPANY TO BECOME MAJORITY SHARE HOLDER. This offer ends by August 31, 2010.

Asona Gold Mines has a detailed acquisition protocol at the time of transaction and security measures throughout the entire mining and brokering process ensuring that commodities purchased arrive at their intended destinations ready for processing. Asona Gold Mines has purchase contracts in place with buyers before any commodity is sold or shipped abroad.


ASONA GOLD MINES is a small scale mining company operating at Kutukrom in the Western Region of Ghana. The company has over 120 employees and practices responsible mining not to deplete the country of its natural resources at the expenses and livelihood of the local people. We work in strict conformity with the environmental protection laws and we are in partnership with the district Assembly protecting the forest and reclaiming the lands.



ASONA GOLD MINES success revalues around its ability to perform the following services:



The company has developed a unique strategy of efficient mining and exploration and to this end ASONA GOLD MINES has acquired desirable large mining concessions within the Western and Eastern Regions of Ghana for its expansion and has already performed the geological analysis to support its projections for the future.  Part of the funds would be used to make final payments of the said large concessions which are estimated to have a 75 YEAR LIFE CYCLE AT THE MAXIMUM EFFICIENT EXTRACTION RATE. ASONA GOLD MINES will also purchase the necessary equipment to facilitate the mining and exploration process. The equipment will be imported to Ghana and transported to the various mines for immediate integration. Due to our expansion programme, we will increase our work force to 400 employees by December 2010.


In our ability to move personnel and staff rapidly at short notice and also to transport gold from the mines to Accra, Asona Gold Mines is acquiring a helicopter for its operations.

At ASONA GOLD MINES, we focus on the core strategy, strict business principles, and follow proven practices to assure the best possible returns for our investors. Integrity is a core value. Living it up-to-it is a part of our everyday commitment.


Formed from the merger of the British colony of the Gold Coast and the Trans Volta Togoland, Ghana in 1957 became the first Sub-Sahara country in the colonial Africa to gain independence. Ghana endured series of coups in 1966, 1972, 1979 and 1981 before it finally restored multi-party rule in 1992 and has enjoyed peaceful political atmosphere till today. Ghana is regarded as one of most peaceful Countries around the world and is also regarded as one of the best democratic countries of Africa. The country is well endowed with natural resources as GOLD, DIAMOND, BAUXITE AND MANGANESE. Ghana which used to be the World’s largest producers of COCOA behind Ivory Coast and Brazil. In 2008 Ghana discovered crude oil and production on commercial basis is expected to commence in August 2010.

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